I had to order a spare key for my car, and it was quite a painful expense. Let’s be careful not to lose it.


I dropped my keys in the gutter.

My beloved Alfa Romeo Mito is comfortable to ride and drive, but it has blind spots in unexpected places and sometimes I get hurt.


So, why is it there when gutters these days don’t have so many holes? I got angry, but it was too late. At least, it was a blessing in disguise when I was changing home after finishing my business. It was after I parked my car in the parking lot. If I had dropped it when I was out, I would have been in trouble.

I had to order a new spare key.


But actually, this can be tricky. First of all, the key is not available in Japan. It becomes an order from Italy of the home country. I was told when I bought it that this takes time. It was said to be about several weeks.


This « card with the key code » is something like this, and I always kept it in the car in the case where the car inspection certificate and the instruction manual are kept.

What is this? Recently, although it has been a long time ago, the key of a car has a system that a door can be opened physically, but an engine cannot be started without an electronic authentication through a key. This is called an immobilizer. This key code is needed to electronically authenticate the key to the car when you order a new key.

So the dealer said, « Please do not leave this card in the car, but leave it at home ». Although the card was not a problem because I had a spare key this time from inside the car, it is certainly a big problem when I lose the key and don’t even have a spare key.

If you look carefully, it was written properly on the back of the card.

From now on, I will store them at home and even take pictures of them to preserve them.

Amazing price!


Electronic authentication of keys at the maintenance facility

After ordering the keys, I was contacted by the dealer again, approximately two weeks after placing the order. They told me that the electronic authentication of the key needs to be done at the maintenance shop and the work takes about 20 to 30 minutes. So I told them my preferred date and time, and went there on Sunday.

In this area of Tokyo, people who have FIAT affiliated cars will probably go to this maintenance shop.

Tell them your name and that you have a reservation, leave your car, and wait.


It doesn’t matter, but they are also a distributor of Abarth. While we were waiting, we had a drink. The coaster was so cool.

Here’s the new key. It’s a little easier to see.

Then I received the newly delivered key. That is the picture above. Actually, it looks a little different from the previous one.


Please be careful not to lose it.

In addition, the final details are as follows. Really, it’s a painful expense.

外車オーナーの皆様、Please be careful not to lose it.。私も気をつけます。