Le Poet-Laval – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2013 No.33 -★★★★★

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Our last destination on May 15th was the beautiful village of Le Poet-Laval. We came from Gassan on the Côte d’Azur, through Provence, and all the way to the Rhône-Alpes region.

Four hours had passed since we left Ghassan, and we arrived in heavy rain.

It was already past 8 p.m., so we decided to stay in this village tonight. I was actually thinking of staying in the nearby big town of Montelimar, but considering the efficiency of sightseeing, I decided to go to this beautiful village about 25km further away.

Fortunately, there are many hotels in this village and we were lucky enough to arrange a room to stay in.

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Come to think of it, I hadn’t eaten lunch at all that day. Anyway, I was hungry, so I left my luggage in the room and went to the restaurant right away.

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There were two other groups of customers besides me. They all spoke English, so they were not French.

I just want to eat a lot! Without hesitation, we ordered a full course with two main courses. We had the fish version of Tournudo Rossini and the pigeon dish.

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The taste was very good, but the pigeon was a little too hard and not very good. It’s true that the meat here is often hard, but I think this was a little too hard.

Of course we had dessert. I think it was millefeuille and compote.

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After enjoying the meal to the fullest, we went to bed immediately to recover from the fatigue of the long drive.

And the next day. Unfortunately, the rain showed no sign of stopping.

Breakfast was at 8am, so we did some sightseeing in the heavy rain until then, but only managed to explore for less than half an hour due to the strong rain and cold.

The rain was so strong that it was difficult to take pictures with an SLR camera, so I had to use my iPhone the whole time.

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When I settled in, I thought the beauty of this village was on a very high level.

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My feet were wet from the rain, and of course I had an umbrella, but my hand was getting a little wet as well, so I had to be careful not to drop my iPhone.

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Amazing…everywhere you look, there are picturesque views.

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We finished shooting and went back to the hotel for breakfast. It was a different place from the dinner. It was also a very nice place.

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A beautiful lady prepared a meal for us and we are very happy.

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I had a good breakfast and finished my charge.

The hotel was excellent, the scenery was beautiful and I can’t say enough about this 5 star village. I would like to visit again soon.

So let’s start our sightseeing on May 16 with a departure from this village. We are heading for such a long journey, which may be the most caustic driving in probably 4 years of touring the most beautiful villages in France.

More details in the next tour of beautiful villages.

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