Lagrasse – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2012 No.23 -★★★★☆

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Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9166

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Date of visit: May 10, 2012, around 4:00 p.m.

Finally, this is the last beautiful village. I thought that this year’s GW would be mainly about Spain, but I found myself visiting the 23rd village.

Two years ago, I visited several villages in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, and although it was relatively easy to get to, I couldn’t visit Lagrasse because of my schedule.

We arrived a little late because we had lunch at a restaurant in Minerve, but the day was still bright.

However, we have to return the car to Perpignan, a city near the border with Spain, by the evening of this day, so this village will be our last visit.

The village seen from the road to the village. This looks promising.

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9169

Apparently, you don’t have to worry about parking.

I parked my car safely and started publishing.

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9187

The World Heritage Site of Carcassonne is not far away.

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9196

This area is the main street of the village, and it was more crowded and lively than I expected.

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9201

I think there are relatively many cafes, restaurants and shops. By the way, I saw a lot of vineyards before I came here, and it seems that this area is a wine region. I heard it’s red wine from Corbières. I wonder if it is famous.

Oh, I’m already familiar with the World War I memorial, and it would be rare to find a village without it.

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9207

The streets are beautifully maintained, which may be evidence of the wealth of the wine industry.

However, if you take a step into the back alleys, you can see the old streets.

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9210

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9260

Some places were a little rough, but I think they are generally well maintained. Yes, very beautiful.

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9219

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9255

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9259

Now, I was impressed by this building when I saw it from the hill on the road to the village.

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9227

It’s called the Abbey of Sainte Marie d’Orviu.

I decided to go out of the village to see it once I crossed this bridge.

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9261

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9269

The monastery has a pretty solid entrance, and we got a pamphlet to see the inside. Oh, there was a fee, but I forgot the price. Sorry….

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9278

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9279

Lagrasse 20120510-IMG_9297

The atmosphere is rustic and quiet, something you can’t experience in the city. It was cool and pleasant.

At the entrance of the monastery, there was a souvenir corner which was very nice. I even bought a Michelin map of the beautiful village just to replenish my supply (laughs).

This last village of GW is a beautiful village that deserves a visit, the scenery, the town and the tourist resources are all excellent.

So, what will happen to the beautiful village tour next year and beyond?

(Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2012 complete!