My IKEA furniture arrived and I assembled it!



The furniture I bought from IKEA last week arrived today morning, so I assembled it as soon as possible.


Interrupted once because there was a meeting of the orchestra in the afternoon. I came back at night and worked again. It became the layout you see. I bought a 200×80 desk, a high-back chair, and a round table.


This round table is for using my MacBook Pro while relaxing on the sofa. The sofa is crappy, but it’s comfortable to use.

It’s a 200×80 desk, but it’s much bigger than it looks in the pictures. There is a lot of room to put a Windows dual display (23″ and 25″, I think?) that will be gone in the future. The high back chair is also very big. The high back chair is also very big.


The place where the MacBook Pro is now in the photo above will be changed to « the thing » around the next week.

The back of the room (where I’m standing in the photo) is still covered in cardboard boxes and bags, but once that’s taken care of, the room will be simple again.

Yes, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have a TV in my house. All I have in this living room is a refrigerator, a wine cellar, a microwave oven and a filing cabinet. No audio or bookshelves either. I realized again that not having a TV really changes your lifestyle a lot.