You can finally see traffic conditions on Google Maps!

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This Saturday and Sunday. When I drove to Sendai, I used « Ima Koko Now » as a tool for navigation and sending information on my current location. as a tool for navigating and transmitting the current location, but I felt that the atmosphere of the display of Google Map had changed.

What was the cause of this uncomfortable feeling?

I thought this feature had already been introduced in the U.S. and some parts of Europe, but now it’s finally available in Japan. Wonderful!

First on the web. As you can see.

And I’ve already given you a screenshot, but of course you can also see it on your iPhone.

As soon as I got home yesterday, there was an accidental traffic jam on the Tohoku Road, but it was reflected properly. This is convenient!

You can also view it on your iPhone’s map application. Just touch the bottom right corner where the page is flipped, and then touch « Show Traffic Jam Status ».