Try Google Maps Navigation (beta), great!


Androidといえばこれ!って自分で勝手に思っている「Google マップ ナビ

The reason why I bought this Pocket WiFi S is because I want to use it.


My impressions of it are just good, easy to understand! It is very easy to use. The voice instructions are simple, too. Simple phrases like « straight ahead » or « turn right soon » are enough to function as a navigation system.

You can see the names of the intersections to turn at on the screen. When I was navigating, I didn’t even need the map on the screen, I felt like it was doing such a good job of navigating.

I thought it would be easier to use this one while displaying and running the navigation system with satellite photos.

However, if you only want to know the current location information, a normal map app is easier to understand.

And of course, it’s also Pocket WiFi, so you can use it as WiFi while running this. Very nice.

By the way, this Pocket WiFi S is SIM free, so I might try it with different carrier. I wonder if it’s possible to replace only SIM with Softbank’s one and apply Softbank’s overseas packet flat rate? If I can do this, I don’t need to rent MiFi.

Speaking of which, there are rumors of tethering in iOS 4.3.