Which is more economical, EMOBILE LTE Flat (Ninen) or 4G Data Plan (Ninen)?

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The other Sunday, I was taking a nap because I didn’t have any plans until the night, when suddenly I got a call from EMOBILE.

Can I get the GL10P at a pretty good price and use a Softbank line?

I’m currently using a GL04P model, and I have a data plan called LTE Flat (Ninen).

イーモバイルからの電話は、現在進行中のキャンペーン「チェンジ4G 10,000」というプランのご紹介でした。

There are many minor benefits, but I decided that the biggest benefit of the 4G plan is that I can use not only EMOBILE’s line but also SOFTBANK’s line. Anyway, I asked them to send me the application form.

It’s certainly great to be able to use the Softbank connection, which has improved so much recently.

Is LTE more affordable for communication conditions?

But what I was a bit curious about was the no bandwidth control. The timing of the application seems to vary from person to person, whether it’s May 2014 or August 2014 and other minor differences, but in any case, the following situation will happen in the near future.

サービス 月あたりの制約条件 短期的な制約条件 制御時間
4Gデータプラン(にねん) 7GB 前日までの3日間のご利用通信量が839万パケット(約1GB)以上 当日6時から翌日6時まで
LTEフラット(にねん) 10GB 24時間ごとのご利用通信量が300万パケット(約366MB)以上 当日21時から翌日2時まで

Created by yuu-koma.jp from eMobile website. At the time of creation; April 1, 2014.

I don’t think I need to comment on the « per month constraint. »

What about « short-term restrictions »? This is the 4G Data Plan (Ninen) which has a 3-day grace period, whereas the LTE Flat (Ninen) which I’m currently using is checked every day, but even if I get caught by the restriction, the « control time » is limited to a specific time at night, so for me who is likely to be at home during this time EMOBILE LTE looks like a better deal for me. If I’m at home, I can use my home WiFi, right?

If that’s the case, you might think for a moment that there’s no merit in changing, but I still think that the 4G Data Plan (Ninen)’s « Softbank line available » is an attraction that can’t be discarded.

I checked my monthly usage.

So I was curious about the monthly usage. You can check it from « Billing Information >> Select Billing Month >> Breakdown by Line >> Billing Breakdown by Subscriber » in My EMobile.

We looked at the situation over the past six months and found the following.

date and time

packet rate

conversion to bytes

Feb. 2014.

21,285,567 packets


Jan 2014.

20,851,679 packets


December 2013

12,323,760 packets


November 2013

16,198,939 packets

1.93 GB

October 2013

48,429,974 packets


September 2013

21,904,778 packets



23,499,116 packets


By the way, the conversion formula of the packet charge is as follows.

  • 1パケット=128バイト
  • 1KB(キロバイト)=1,024バイト=8パケット
  • 1MB(メガバイト)=1,024KB=8,192パケット
  • 1GB(ギガバイト)=1,024MB=8,388,608パケット

According to this data, my usage averages 2.8GB per month, and at most, I may reach 6GB.

Is there a 4G data plan (Ninen) depending on usage?

If so, it’s unlikely that you’ll get caught in the per-month limit, whether it’s 7GB or 10GB, unless you have a lot of time on your hands.

When you think about it, you may think that the 4G Data Plan (Ninen) is rather better.

There are two reasons why I think so.

First of all, under the « short-term constraint », data usage is not counted every day, but over the course of three days, so even if you accidentally use too much on one particular day, you can make up for it.

And the other thing is, again, that « Softbank lines are also available ». It’s true that Emova is often hard to get into in the basement of the station.

Conclusion: I’ll think about it some more.