I bought a keg of Urquell at the Czech restaurant « Daashienka ».

10. Hobby General
10. Hobby General

Start 2017!

One night I tweeted, « I’m going to drink beer, » while drinking alone at home, and a nice junior girl found this project and invited me.

A gift for all hardcore beer lovers, only available on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, buy a whole 15 litre cask of Pilsner Urquell for 3000 yen (tax included), reservation required one week in advance!

だあしゑんか チェコ料理・ビール・絵本 ピルスナー・ウルケル樽生:ウルケル樽生一樽お買い上げ

So, on Monday, April 3, the first day of the 2017 fiscal year, we decided to have our party with a total of eight « hardcore beer lovers » who bought Urquell kegs.

We decided to limit the number of participants to 8 because we thought 10 people might be too many and each person would have less to drink. It didn’t take long for the quota to be filled.


Now, the day. The toast ceremony was held about 20 minutes after the meeting time of 19:30. It’s a peaceful scene common to all over the world (am I dragging my last post?). lol)

After all, they are imported directly from the Czech Republic. It’s just too good to be true! « This is where Daashienka’s Urquell is different! (The following is an excerpt from Daashienka’s blog)

This is where our Urkel is different.

1. Thorough temperature control

The entire process, from shipping to transportation to serving, is done under refrigeration to ensure that the delicate flavors of the local area remain intact.

2. Custom-made beer server

The tower is located near a large table refrigerator that can hold a keg of overseas specification. This minimizes the chance of the beer coming into contact with the outside temperature. In addition, only one keg in the refrigerator is set to the optimum temperature of 6°C, which maximizes Urquell’s true potential.

3. Dedicated gas cylinder

The special gas cylinder operates at about 1/3 the pressure of regular draft beer, so excess carbonation does not dissolve into the beer itself, giving it a smooth texture.

4. Thoroughness of expiration dates

Pilsner has a shelf life of about 4 days after opening, but we sell every barrel within 3 days to ensure that the beer is in good condition.

 だあしゑんか チェコ料理・ビール・絵本 ピルスナー・ウルケル樽生:ウルケル樽生一樽お買い上げ:より

Of course, we started our meal with Czech food. There are not many kinds of food, but they are all delicious and quite large! Of course it goes well with Urquell.

And the bill was clear and reasonable, or too cheap. We had a lot of beer, the food was delicious and we ate a lot of it (actually we left some behind, sorry), but the price was 5300 yen (or was it 5200 yen?) per person! I was surprised!

With such a friendly design, I was nosy but worried about whether I could really manage it. (It’s a little too extravagant to think that 5,000 yen is cheap, but…)

And yet, again, even though we started this project this year, I was surprised that no one had used this service until April, our first time. We don’t want to lose the project because we don’t have too many customers, so we’ll probably hold it once a month.

I would like to thank the bass player of the feeling again. Please let me know if you have any more good plans.

One last time, I’d like to introduce you to Daashi Endka.

だあしゑんか チェコ料理・ビール・絵本:http://dasenka.jpn.org/bar/index.shtml

Thank you for this wonderful project.