CrashPlan Then I realized I was 100% backed up.

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02.IT relatedMac

Now, the CrashPlan that we introduced earlier.

CrashPlan はじめてみました ? iMacのローカルのバックアップとして | my lifelog

I installed it about three months ago, but it took so long to back it up online that I didn’t even bother for a long time, but it seems to have been done successfully before I knew it.

As expected, backing up 357GB is a lot of work, and you don’t want to put that much locally in the first place, but when it’s over, it’s still a relief.

Still, that’s an awfully long log…

I didn’t really understand how it worked when I first installed it, but apparently you can restore a folder by folder.

I appreciate this. If something happens to me, I can pick and choose my priorities each time.

It is not so important function, but it seems that the setting which DMs the backup situation to twitter every time was able to be done.