Chardeneux – Tour of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia No.14 – ★★☆☆☆

2017 Wallonia Tour
2017 Wallonia TourMost beautiful village Tour of the WalloonMost beautiful village tour of the world

Date and Time of Visit: July 17, 2017, approximately 6:00 p.m.

It has a nice atmosphere, but it’s just a quiet residential area with little to offer. That is the beautiful village of Chardeneux that I will introduce here. The village can be reached by taking a narrow side road from a rather large regional road. When you enter the side road, you can see the scene like the top image. The village is located in the middle of the famous Durbuy and Modaab castle.

It’s really more of a residential area than a tourist attraction, although it’s often felt that way from time to time in every village. It’s certainly a beautiful sight, though. There are people who live there normally, so I often wonder if it’s OK to walk around and take photos without permission. The residents certainly greet me cheerfully, but…

The only place to see is the square in front of the church. I parked my car here, but the space is as you can see. At most, a few cars may be barely. I didn’t understand from where to where is the parking lot of a private house.


Chardeneux 17072017-_MG_2731-yuukoma

These so-called residential-only villages can be seen in any country, but I thought there were many of them especially in Walloon region.