I bought a trumpet.

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I started playing the trumpet in high school, and I played it until the fall of my freshman year of college, but I haven’t played it in public since then. But I haven’t played in public since then.

Used Trumpets at Ishibashi Musical Instruments

I bought a used YAMAHA instrument from Ishibashi Gakki. I was advised that I could have bought a cheaper one if I had used Yahoo! Ok, but I thought it would be better to buy one that had been overhauled by a solid music store, so I chose Ishibashi.

I’m very happy with my purchase. The box was full of scratches, though, because it was Sagawa.

The trumpet I received was so clean and free of scratches that I doubted it was really used. However, when I tried to play it, it was easy to blow and there was little resistance, I’m sure the previous owner broke it in. I thought I made a good purchase.

Soft case for everyday use on Amazon.

I also bought a soft case to make it easier to carry. Practice is on weekends and I’m sure I’ll rarely encounter a crowded train, so it should be fine. I often go by car, so this should be enough for me.

このケースはAmazonで買いました。[highlight]Jマイケル トランペットバッグ TRB-301[/highlight]というケースです。

It is convenient to put the whole mouthpiece in.

I like the practice mute.

しかし御存知の通りこの楽器、大きな音が出ます。家で練習できるようにするため練習用ミュート買いました。以前持っていたものがあるのですが、音程は変わる、すごく抵抗があるので、今回新たにこちらの[highlight]Bremner sssssshhhhhh Mute トランペット用[/highlight]購入してみました。

It’s pretty good! I think there’s a slight change in pitch, but it’s barely noticeable, and I don’t feel much resistance. It’s probably just a normal mute. Of course, the volume can be reduced considerably. I can practice on weeknights with this.

I have been playing the horn for a while, but at first I couldn’t even get a D note out of it, even though I used to play the horn occasionally. I think I can get As with momentum. Oops, it’s a Bb tube.