Announcing the 2014 course #MedocMarathon2014

Medoc Marathon 2014
Medoc Marathon 2014running



Next to the course, of course, is the « Chateau List »

There’s so many of them, we’re gonna need a strategy session.

But still, of the five great châteaux.

7 – Château LATOUR



And there are three of them, which is great! Latour is pretty late in the day, Rothschild is 20km before, and I’ll have to make sure I don’t miss this one.

But Haut-Brion is not Medoc, so I don’t think it’s a problem, but Margaux is not….

The pdf listings have links to each chateau’s website. I’d like to make use of it.

Check out this mark as well.

There will be a lot of water supply, not wine supply. Then, « Entreco?tes », « Fromages », and « Glaces » are indispensable points! Fortunately, these are almost at the finish line, so I think I can manage.

If you don’t finish soon, will it be gone? I’m sure it’s not, right?

I’ve been running hard in March and April, but I haven’t been able to train much in May due to travel and concerts, so I’m worried I won’t be able to run 20-30km again before it gets too hot.