Day 5: Over the Alps and on to Turin, Italy – 2012 France and Spain Real Time No.7

2012 Spain Realtime


Well, I haven’t been able to update for three days due to internet issues, but the trip is going well.

The last three days, I stayed in « Grenoble (France) – Turin (Italy) – Antibes (France) »? What, Italy?

And now I’m writing this diary in a hotel in the suburbs of Aix-en-Provence. It is around here.

For now, I’ll write from day 5.

We left Grenoble early in the morning and spent the day visiting two beautiful villages close to the Italian border.

The first is La Grave.


The second is St-Véran.



Both of them looked close on the map, but in fact it was quite a hard mountain road and it took more time than expected. Because Saint-Velain is a village located at 2000m above sea level.

To be honest, neither of them is that beautiful, but I thought I might not go again unless I had a chance like this, so I tried my best.

But still, on the move, the weather and the views were awesome!



Yes, the chateau is already part of the scenery (laughs).

But…I heard that the road on the way was blocked because of snow, or rather, it was left as it was and could not be passed. I was surprised at this.


But I learned a lot about how to read Michelin maps and stuff. I learned a lot. It was written on the map from what month to what month it is blocked. (I’ll write about it in my diary when I go back to Japan.

And when I got here, I saw a place name like « Torino », so I went along.

By the way, the town called Briançon which we passed many times on the way was very nice. I regretted a little that I could have taken my time to go there….