4sqmap Fun! I’ve been in a bit of a rut with foursquare, but I think I might enjoy it a bit more.



I was really curious about it, so I thought I’d post about it once on my blog, but I completely forgot.

4sqmap – Foursquare Maps and Statistics http://www.4sqmap.com/

Anyway, it’s fun to watch!

You can view your own check-in history for a limited time and

You can also check when and where you got your badge.

You can also see the check-in status by category, which has been getting more and more detailed lately.

There are many other menu items available. friends check-in status is also fun to watch and highly recommended.

And I think my favorite part is being able to see my stats as an infographic on the web.


Foursquare has become a bit of a rut these days, with people just checking in, but it might be interesting to check out the history that has been accumulated on a site like this once in a while. Please do!