201410 Travel to Malta No.1 From departure to arrival in Malta




One month has passed since I noticed. I’ve been busy with both work and private life, so I’ve tended to delay updating this site, but I’m going to start again from time to time.

In the summer, I thought I’d take a short trip around my birthday at the end of October, and when I was researching, I decided to go to Malta, which turned out to be cheaper than I thought.

Choose Emirates via Dubai

エミレーツ航空、ドバイ経由マルタですと、諸経費込(もちろん燃料サーチャージ込)で104,600 円、これに手数料5,400円が加わるので、ジャスト110,000円

By the way, I thought that 8 hours from Dubai to Malta was long, but I found out the reason. It’s because we stopped at Larkana in Cyprus once. So it was 2 or 3 hours longer than I had imagined. I see.

When we arrived in Cyprus, only some passengers who were getting off here got off, and those who were going to Malta stayed on the plane. I was worried that they might get off the plane, but in the end I stayed on the plane.

I’m not sure what to make of it.

By the way, the agent I use a lot these days is DeNA Travel. It’s cheap and easy to use and I recommend it.

格安航空券・海外旅行のDeNAトラベル(スカイゲート) – 海外格安航空券・旅行の検索・予約サイト http://www.skygate.co.jp/

In-flight service is okay.

Well, I think Emirates is very comfortable for the price. The quality of service from the crew is not so good though. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either.

The food is not bad, much better than KLM or Lufthansa.

I was very happy with the wine in the economy and the Rioja wine from Spain on the way. It was delicious. As for the wine, I thought Air France’s wine was as good as it could be, but Emirates seems to be doing well.

Arrival in Malta, Valletta, the capital city!

We arrived in Malta at about 2 p.m. We were about 30 minutes late. The weather was good. Wonderful. It might be hot.

It took a long time to enter the country. I remember it took a long time to enter Reunion. It was France….

Now, in Malta, we will be staying in an apartment in the old town of Valletta. I was told by the manager of the apartment by e-mail in advance that he would arrange to pick me up when I arrived. After receiving my luggage safely, I went outside and found a man with a plate saying « Mr. KOMATA » as usual, and he led me to Valletta city.

It takes about 15 minutes from the airport to Valletta city by car. I think it’s very close because it takes 15 minutes including traffic. If you take a taxi, it won’t cost you much.

Valletta is a typical European old town, stone buildings, narrow alleys. The new town spreads out on the outskirts. It is the very image of a modern European city.

Of course, if I’m going to stay in a hotel, it’s got to be in the Old Town, and these days it’s really convenient to look it up on Google Maps beforehand, isn’t it? It was a perfect position as I expected, and I referred to the reviews on Booking.com.

Well, it’s almost evening. We still have some time before dinner, so we’ll go sightseeing in the old town. See you next time.