Shuttle bus on the day, I made a personal arrangement #MedocMarathon2014

Medoc Marathon 2014
Medoc Marathon 2014running



Earlier today, the official website was updated and you can finally make arrangements for a shuttle bus that is affiliated with the convention.

といっても、この時点(2014年7月9日)で手配が可能なのは、“premium class Tourlism bus”のみ。


The 13th is a round trip ticket between Bordeaux and Pauillac, i.e. a return ticket. There will be two locations in Medoc, one departing from the center of the city, and one departing from the HOTEL in the northern suburbs.

The application method is to write your name, etc. in the designated column of the form, and then go to the page for credit card payment. When the procedure is officially completed, the statement will be displayed on your browser like this, so I saved the screenshot.

It’s been two months since I’ve been able to make arrangements. People over there are so carefree.