New car camera mount!

10. Hobby General

I made a new in-car camera mount.

It’s an iPad stand for the back seat, but I decided to buy it because it can also be used as a camera mount.

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サンワダイレクト iPad・iPad2車載 テーブル 後部座席用 車の中でiPadが使える!車載カメラマウントにも!100-MR025


By the way, the type I used so far was this one.

自動車用ノートPCアーム(カメラ固定用ネジ付き) Donyaダイレクト DN-ARM300C


This one is more versatile, but the installation method is different for each car model. It takes a long time to install….

It took more than 20 minutes. It was really a lot of work to set up in the parking lot. I think people are wondering « What is that Japanese guy doing? I think they are suspicious of me.

In that respect, this mount took about 5 minutes to install today, but once you get used to it, you can finish the job in a few minutes, so this effect is very significant.

This new camera mount is easy to install, but it also has some drawbacks.


With this length, you can’t look at the LCD screen of the video while driving, and more importantly, the position of the camera is far from the windshield, so the dashboard and rearview mirror are inevitably reflected.

Because of this, the fixed position of the camera is inevitably closer to the passenger seat. I used to be able to fix the camera almost in the center of the car, but with this new mount, I can only get an off-center image.