Beautiful villages, and of course, « around » – 2011 France Realtime No.9

2011 France realtime

Ségur-le-Château 20110424-IMG_6869

We had a terrific trip from the Basque Country to the Limousin region. Yesterday was a very productive day.

  • Ainhoa(アイノア)
  • Sare(サール)
  • La Bastide Clairence(ラ・バスティード・クレランス)

Ainhoa 20110423-IMG_6694

Sare 20110423-IMG_6764


  • Saint-Jean-de-Côle(サン・ジャン・ド・コール)
  • Ségur-le-Château(セギュール・ル・シャトー)

Saint-Jean-de-Côle 20110423-IMG_6821

Ségur-le-Château 20110424-IMG_6870

These villages in Dordogne and Limousin, the roads are very steep and very hard to drive. It was rather easier to drive from Basque to Dordogne where we could travel long distance only by high speed.

And our lodging for the day was Limoges, which I had visited once before, 13 years ago. I stayed there when I went to see the World Cup in France.

Limoges 20110424-DSC00906

I remembered the view in front of the station very well. As I recall, the hotel I stayed at was in front of the station, so I took a walk after dinner and looked for it, and I found it.