Local navigation – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2011 Part 2

2011 FrancedriveThe most beautiful villages of France


In conclusion, I make full use of my iPhone.

In my case, I also use the iPhone for filming and tweaking (on-board broadcasting using the iPhone), but I also use the iPhone for navigation when moving from village to village.

However, I don’t use anything sophisticated like voice, but simply use Google Map application.

The most common way to use the app is to search for a route, display the route, and drive your car following the route. As you can see, your current location is marked with a blue marker, so you have to drive your car so that it doesn’t deviate from the line. Actually, I often use this method in Japan. I don’t have a car navigation system in my car, right?

And this feature was useful when I arranged a hotel locally with Booking.com app. You can save the location of the hotel after booking.

(ご参考:ホテル、iPhone Booking.comアプリで現地にて当日手配 in France

Venue on foursquare could also be of great use for location verification.

(ご参考:foursquare ToDoリスト登録 ? 2011 France 準備編 No.5 –

Other than that, it was useful as a navigation system and as a tool for sending out information about my current location.

And while I rarely used it as a navigation system when I was driving, I often used Google Latitude when walking around the village for a bit and checking location details.

Of course, you can spend a lot of money or rent a car in a luxury class and arrange a navigation system with voice, but it’s a waste of money to use it just for that, and I don’t like navigation systems with voice myself, so I used my iPhone.

However, even so, it is still meaningless if there is no signal. If you can’t get a signal, you have to rely on analog.


We also made great use of paper maps.

Also, the most beautiful villages are very difficult to get to, so even if you have a navigation system, it’s important to do your research beforehand.

For more information on prep, click here.

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