Google Maps not working when logged in with certain accounts? -I tried using the Google Help Forum.

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Is it an OS problem, a browser problem, or a PC problem?

In case of me, with WIndows there was no problem, but as for Mac, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBookAir, the same phenomenon in either. And, the browser did not move in Chrome, Sleipnir, Safari either.

I tried clearing the cache and other things, but it didn’t improve at all. Moreover, because it seems to be a problem that occurs in a specific user and a specific account, useful information is not easily hit by twitter and google search.

That’s when I finally came across Google’s help forum. Technically, « Help Forums > Google Maps. »

Error 404 (Not Found)!!1

I’m not sure, so I decided to write down what was happening and ask a question anyway.

And they answered right away! So fast! It seems that the same question was asked in another topic and it was getting excited there.


It’s a bit of a relief to know that someone else is struggling with the same thing.

By the way, you can set it to notify you by email when a topic you are interested in is answered, and you can also subscribe to RSS feeds.