I’ve had all-you-can-eat oysters.


The other day, on the 20th, I went to this place with a friend I met on twitter.

☆岩牡蠣食べ放題 6月24日から開催☆《要 3日前予約》

 6,500 yen per person. We’re looking forward to your reservation!

▼ [Now on] June 24 (Fri) – August 31 (Wed)

  Summer only! Rock Oyster Fair


  Rock oyster comparison plate.

   ★Iwa Oyster 6P 3,980yen/8P 4,880yen

   Seafood Platter 3,280 yen


Chablis Campaign is held at the same time! Eligible Chablis are 5400yen→3980yen!

And more! We will give you another free ticket for next time☆☆☆

Details here↓

ぐるなび – GUMBO & OYSTER BAR 東京駅八重洲地下街店

I’ve already eaten as much as I could, raw oysters, rock oysters.

I’m a person who can’t get enough of oysters… The next day was an all-day business trip, and I would have been in trouble if I’d won, but I forgot about that and ate my fill. It cost me 8,500 yen including alcohol, but I would love to go back. I’ll probably go again.