Finished the Tokyo Marathon 2011! I received my record certificate #tokyomarathon

runningtokyo marathon 2011

Certificate TokyoMarathon2011 DSC00367

I was busy with various things during this three-day weekend, but I found a set of documents from the Tokyo Marathon office in my mailbox. It’s a « Record Certificate ». In short, it’s a certificate of commendation that proves « you finished the race properly ».

  • 順位 24,287位 / 24,658人中
  • 記録 6:48:51

I knew it was coming, but when I checked it again, I was like, « It’s so late! » (laughs) Well, it’s only natural since I took so many pictures and broadcasted them.

And here’s a more detailed ranking.

  • 年代別順位(ネット) マラソン男子35〜39歳 4,048位 / 4,163人中
  • 男女総合順位(グロス) 31,857位 / 32,394人中
  • 男女総合順位(ネット) 31,428位 / 32,294人中

Well, you’re too much of a bilious person, let’s just say that you were broadcasting and taking pictures that often.