Finished Tokyo Marathon 2011! No.2 Live twitter feed on the day of the marathon #tokyomarathon

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I did it two years ago, but I’ve gotten used to using it and I’ve gotten to know more people through twitter, so I got more replies than I expected this time.

Togetter – 「2011年2月27日 yuukomaさんの東京マラソン2011 ツイートまとめ」

I’m really happy to have received so many replies, so I’ve put together a togetter here to commemorate the occasion.

Thank you all so much!

Twitter is amazing.

By the way, the total number of tweets on that day (February 27th, 2011) was 190, the highest number of tweets ever recorded by me. It’s true that I tweeted a lot.

301 Moved Permanently

Actual Tweet Status

Now, how did he actually tweet, mainly because

  1. 「自動登録によるツイート」
  2. 「アプリとの連携」
  3. 「直接iPhoneクライアントから」

The three means were.


  • 今ココなう!
  • HootSuiteによるスケジュール機能(30分毎)

Ima Koko Now! was not updated in some sections according to the follower’s information, but it seemed to be going well.

I also used HootSuite to register my schedule during the grain orchestra production. It’s very useful. If you followed us on the day, you may have seen a few tweets like this.

Here’s the tweet I scheduled for you. I’m here now! but I set this tweet as « insurance » because the tweet from Ima Koko Now! I set it for every 30 minutes, but I think it was effective enough because it was RT at the right time.


  • foursquare
  • mogsnap

As for foursquare, I registered Venue in advance, so I was fully prepared.

foursquare 東京マラソン用にVenue登録してみた

As for mogsnap, it was released just before the Tokyo Marathon and it was popular, so I decided to use it during the marathon. (Actually, I haven’t eaten any bananas, though ^^)


  1. TweetMe → 写真投稿が楽だった。投稿時に特定のハッシュタグを必ず付けるような設定が可能
  2. Osfoora → いつも使ってるが今回はあまりつかってないはず

For the photos, I used an app called Pro Camera.

The deciding factors were that it was up and running, quick to process, and easy to use.

The photo tweets were first taken with this pro camera and then posted on tweetMe.

(points of) reflection

So this time, I was able to have a very fulfilling twitter marathon because my level of twitter usage had improved a lot since the last time I participated in a twitter marathon, and I had done careful preparation beforehand.

Nevertheless, a number of points for reflection have emerged.

「(points of) reflection1:ウェットティッシュは持っていくべきだった」

The first thing you need to know is that it was a beautiful day and you were sweating. The touch screen was a little dirty, but not so much that it was unusable, but I thought I should have brought wet wipes.

Also, I couldn’t get my hands dirty, so I couldn’t take a peeled banana. Fortunately, I had brought food with me, so I was able to get away with it, but I want to make sure to bring it with me next time I’m able to participate, simply to wipe my hands and sweat.

「(points of) reflection2:iPhoneは3台は必要だった」

Gadgets for Tokyomarathon2011 20110223-DSC00353

In the meantime, I prepared three units of iPhone4, iPhone3GS and iPhone3G, but I didn’t actually use 3G. I thought that it was only a spare.

But I realized that I needed two free iPhones, one of which I can’t use because it’s dedicated to sending out messages via Ima Koko Now. Then I can’t take pictures while tweaking with one of them, so I have to switch every time.

While tweaking is essential for conveying a sense of realism in real time, I definitely want to take pictures for my blog later on, and above all, for my own memorial. It was a real shame that I couldn’t do these things at the same time.

Also, it’s better to be able to tweet from the device you take photos from. I can use iPod touch + WiFi, but it’s definitely better to be able to geotag photos, so I thought I’d have to use iPhone.

It might have been better to use iPad to send out location information. But it will be a little heavy and difficult to run.

If I am able to participate in the Tokyo Marathon next time, I would like to use this experience to improve my real-time information transmission, and if I am not able to participate, I would like to pass on this know-how to other runners. If I can’t make it, I’d like to pass on this know-how to other runners.