Finished Tokyo Marathon 2011! No.1 Time and overall summary #tokyomarathon

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Tokyo Marathon 2011 20110228-IMG_3504

Yesterday, February 27th, I successfully completed the Tokyo Marathon 2011. Thanks to everyone’s heartwarming support, I was able to spend a very enjoyable 42.195km in the blink of an eye. There are so many things I want to write about, so I’d like to report on the Tokyo Marathon 2011 on this blog in several parts.

official time

Alright, let’s start with a report on time and overall summary.


ナンバー(Bib number):43380




スプリット (ネットタイム)

Split (Net Time)





5km 00:57:32 (0:37:19) 0:37:19 10:07:32
10km 01:33:28 (1:13:15) 0:35:56 10:43:28
15km 02:10:08 (1:49:55) 0:36:40 11:20:08
20km 02:53:56 (2:33:43) 0:43:48 12:03:56
25km 03:40:46 (3:20:33) 0:46:50 12:50:46
30km 04:28:43 (4:08:30) 0:47:57 13:38:43
35km 05:18:00 (4:57:47) 0:49:17 14:28:00
40km 06:14:53 (5:54:40) 0:56:53 15:24:53
Finish 06:48:51 (6:28:38) 0:33:58 15:58:51

Thanks to your warm support, I was able to finish the Tokyo Marathon safely. Thank you very much!



This time: 15:58:51


Maybe I played a little too much (laughs)

However, compared to the last time, I had a lot more time to relax mentally, and when I started running, my 5km time was faster, so I believe my ability has improved.

Live shooting during the marathon

We were able to take a lot of photos and tweaked videos. This is a big harvest and unforgettable memory.

The Live by Tweak was also very popular. We have a lot of archives left, so we will upload them to YouTube.

I think the reason I was able to take Live videos and photos with so much time to spare was largely due to the experience of running the race once. I think it was because I was able to simulate in detail beforehand how fast I could go without worrying about the barrier gates, so that I could take pictures with plenty of time to spare.

Communication through twitter

Also encouraging this time was the live twitter feed and the many friends who followed it and supported me. To be honest, I haven’t finished all of the replies I received that day, but I plan to read them and keep a record of them.

タイムとしては決して見栄えのよいものではありませんが、twitterや今ココなう、そしてツイキャスを駆使して大いに楽しむことができたごく稀なランナーの一人であると自負しています。まだきちんと見てはいませんが自分がゴールした16時前後の東京マラソンハッシュタグ #tokyomarathon は僕の関係者で埋め尽くされていたと聞いています。本当に幸せなことです。

Thank you for all the numerous cheers and support!