I’ve already started to prepare for next year’s GW trip! You can book 2012 F1 tickets with 20% discount now! -2012 France and Spain Preparation No.1

2012 Spain preF1

Decided where to go, next year GW is Spain!

barcelona 20100505-IMG_7517

I haven’t even finished writing this year’s GW trip report yet, but by golly I’ve already started preparing for next year!

I decided to go to « Spain » for GW 2012! I was hesitating between Italy and Spain, but the deciding factor was this!

Because of my work, I just can’t seem to take the first of May off, so this year I’ll be traveling for two weeks plus from May 3 instead of the end of April.

Actually, I’ve already discussed and decided about the period with my boss. (*I always decide the period of time I will take off for next year’s GW around autumn.

So, the long vacation will start a little later than usual, but if I make this schedule, I’ll be in Europe right around May 13 during my trip, which coincides with the F1 Spanish GP!

I have no choice but to go! That’s why I decided to go to Spain.

Alhambra 200810

This will be your third time in Spain in two years.

The European F1 Grand Prix itself was my second.

By the way, I was in Europe once, five years ago, and I saw F1 in France, in 2006.


Also, although I haven’t seen the F1 Grand Prix, I just went to Spa, the stage of the Belgian GP, during GW this year.

Spa Francorchamps 20110502-IMG_0717


Last year, come to think of it, I also went to Monaco. It’s not F1 either.

Monaco 20100502-IMG_6756


I’ve been to the track before, but this is the second time I’ve seen F1 in person.

I’m already booking for 2012!

By the way, by golly, it looks like you can already get tickets for next year’s F1!

こちらから→ http://www.gptickets.com/news/2012-formula-1-tickets/

And if you book before November 30 this year, you’ll get 20% off.

I’ll have to pre-order this one!

It really is easy online. This way you can see the layout of the track, the position of the stands and choose your seat.

Order your seats from this pull-down chart. It’s easy to understand and simple. After that, you can proceed with the same operation as common e-commerce sites.

I was a bit stingy at the French GP five years ago, so I decided to buy a seat in the main stand this time without hesitation. This time, I didn’t hesitate to buy a seat in the main stand, not only because it was easier to see the cars, but also because I had many privileges. I decided to splurge on this opportunity.

At the same time, I booked a hotel in Barcelona. This is a familiar thing.