Sushi for work I had sushi before going to work.




Here is the restaurant we visited this morning.

大和寿司 だいわすし – 築地市場/寿司 [食べログ]

It seems to be a restaurant with a queue, but at 6am in the middle of winter, the queue was about 10 people. Still, I think we waited about 30 minutes.

Sit at the counter and let’s go!

First, we’ll start with the smelt and the big fatty tuna.

Then, tiger prawn and medium fatty tuna

sea urchin and eggs

The grilled head of the prawn.

And scrolls.

And finally, anago and kanpachi

All the ingredients were fresh and delicious.

I had some time before work, so I went to a coffee shop in the same market and had a coffee.

I was a little sleepy, but it was a beautiful morning.