A beautiful village outside Lyon – 2011 France Realtime No.14

2011 France realtime

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9323

On the 28th we visited two beautiful villages on the outskirts of Lyon.

  1. Oingt(ワン)
  2. Pérouges(ペルージュ)

Both of them are about an hour’s drive from Lyon.

The first place we visited was Oingt (Wang).

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9382

This area is « Beaujolais district », isn’t it? Indeed, there were many wine fields and curves.


The color of the stone of the houses was very impressive. The houses in the Beaujolais area are usually this light brown, almost orange.

The next one is « Pérouges ».

Pérouges 20110428-IMG_9471

This one is much easier to get to from Lyon. It is located about 5 minutes after getting off the highway. Apparently, there is a bus service from Lyon.

Pérouges 20110428-IMG_9463

Now, this day, I moved to Annecy at once. No, it’s actually not that far. It takes about 2 hours from Perrouge.