Barcelona City Sightseeing -2012 France and Spain

2012 Spain and France

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Date of visit: May 11, 2012

It took about three hours to get to Barcelona from Perpignan. I left my luggage at the hotel and went sightseeing in Barcelona.

The hotel is like this, a bit luxurious.

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Well, this is the third time to visit Barcelona, and when I first visited in 2004, I stayed four nights and visited every corner of the city.

We’ll take the subway.

We went this way.

Picasso Museum

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I still love Picasso in Barcelona. In addition, it was prohibited to take photos inside the museum, but only the outside buildings (but only the entrance and courtyard) could be photographed.

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After viewing the art, we took a short walk around the museum.

Here is what I found when I took such a walk. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a rent-a-scooter!

barcelona 20120511-IMG_9330

barcelona 20120511-IMG_9329

But I don’t know how or where to park. (laughs) By the way, I think driving in this city is quite difficult.

The next step is to take the subway to here.

Sagrada Familia

barcelona 20120511-IMG_9335

The sun is strong! The triumph of backlighting »! I took a picture as if to say « Victory!

barcelona 20120511-IMG_9372

I can get the other side beautifully with no problem. Well, it’s a lovely blue sky.

barcelona 20120511-IMG_9408

And the next one is a bit troublesome in terms of location, so we took a taxi from in front of Sagrada Familia to here.

Park Güell

barcelona 20120511-IMG_9466

It’s still the same crowd.

barcelona 20120511-IMG_9454

Long time no see, Tokage-san (I visited 8 years ago.)

barcelona 20120511-IMG_9417

Then take the metro back to Passeig de Gracia.

Casa Mila

barcelona 20120511-IMG_9492

Casa Batlló

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I snapped a few photos. I didn’t go inside because I thought it was enough since I went in 8 years ago.

I went back to the hotel again after a somewhat rushed sightseeing.

barcelona 20120512-IMG_9504

After relaxing in our room for a bit again, we went back to the main street to Passeig de Gracia for dinner.