Cruas Nuclear Power Plant – A French nuclear power plant we encountered on our way to a beautiful village

2012 Spain and France

Mirmande  20120507-IMG_7957


I thought it was a very impressive power plant along the river and was curious about it.

It’s not too far from Mirmand. That’s why we could see it clearly from the high ground of the village of Mirmand.

In fact, the photo at the beginning of this article was taken from a hilltop in Mirmand.

こちらの発電所は、「″ target= »_blank »>クリュアス原子力発電所」というのだそうです。

The « frescoes on the cooling towers » are indeed clearly visible in the photo taken from the heights of Mirmand (the first photo).

Also from wikipedia, a magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck 30km southwest of this power plant in August 2011, and I seem to remember that such news was released.


I think this is the first time in my life that I’ve seen a nuclear power plant this close up.

On the way to a beautiful village that still retains the vestiges of the Middle Ages, I came across a facility for the application of modern science.