The beautiful villages of the Ile de Ré and Bordeaux – 2011 France Realtime No.7

2011 France realtime

La Flotte 20110421-IMG_5831

I’m writing this diary in Bordeaux on April 21. Today (the 22nd) is forecasted to be cloudy and rainy, but it’s very nice weather.

Back to the 21st, we left Brittany on this day and visited three beautiful villages on the way. First of all, we visited Vouvant, which is located about 100km south of Nantes.

Vouvant 20110421-IMG_5724

Then we visited an island called « Ille de Ré ».

La Flotte 20110421-IMG_5792

« On the island of Ile de Ré, there are two beautiful villages, La Flotte and Ars en Ré.

Ars en Ré 20110421-IMG_5864

It was a very nice day.

After that, I moved about 200km further south and came to « Bordeaux ».

Bordeaux 20110422-IMG_5957


By the way, it was over 100 euros…. I always stay at a 3-star hotel to recover my energy because I keep driving and I’m old (though I think I’m young). I thought about the efficiency of sightseeing and the ease of finding the hotel, so I decided to focus on the location, and it cost me more than usual.