The beautiful villages of Alsace – 2011 France Realtime No.16

2011 France realtime

Hunawihr 20110430-IMG_9974

The internet didn’t work very well at the hotel in Nancy the night before, so this is an update from here in Clervo @ Luxembourg.

We are nearing the end of our road trip. On this day, we traveled to Alsace and visited mainly the villages around Colmar. It was less than two hours away from Besançon. If you use the highway, it doesn’t seem so far.


Eguisheim 20110430-IMG_9782

In my own mind, the image of Alsace is Germany. Is it the most beautiful village in France though it is in Germany? I had such a feeling. The town looks like a picture book of Alsace.


The road leading to this village is called the « Alsace Wine Road ». Needless to say, the whole area is covered with vineyards.

route des vins d' Alsace 20110430-IMG_9843

Riquewihr is probably the most famous of the beautiful Alsatian villages in this area. There were so many tourists and it was a bit touristy in a bad way.

Riquewihr 20110430-IMG_9875

Yes, it is a beautiful village, but….

Followed by


Hunawihr 20110430-IMG_9956

The picture at the beginning of this page is the general view of this village.

Hunawihr 20110430-IMG_0004

Compared to Riquewihr, it was a very quiet, small and rustic village.


Mittelbergheim 20110430-IMG_0165

This village was also surrounded by vineyards.

Well, after this, we left Alsace at once and went to Lorraine. We didn’t stop at Colmar or Strasbourg. I’ve been to Strasbourg many times, so it’s good now.

We arrived in Nancy.

Namcy 20110430-IMG_0197

The last time I went to Nancy was in August last year, and it was raining so hard that I couldn’t see the sights or take any pictures, but this day the weather was generally good, if not fine.

Nancy 20110430-IMG_0230

Thanks to this, we were able to take our time and take pictures.