Athens No.5 Plaka District -2012 Greece No.5

2012 Greece

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The Plaka district is a historic area to the northeast of the Acropolis, where houses from the 19th century have been preserved.

Because it is at the foot of a tourist attraction, there are many souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes crowded together.

I visited twice on this day. When I say visited, my hotel is on the side of this area, so I feel like I went far away once and came back.


After seeing the Roman Agora, we took a walk to Syntagma Square.

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It was still early in the morning at that time, so the town was very quiet.

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We had lunch here. After lunch, we walked around here for a while. It was just about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and compared to the morning, it was surprisingly crowded with people.

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For me, who likes to walk around European cities, it was a fun area to just walk around.

Now we are leaving the Plaka area and heading to our next destination. Your destination is just around the corner.

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