National Archaeological Museum, Athens No.4 -2012 Greece No.4

2012 Greece

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The next stop after Lykavittos Hill was the National Archaeological Museum. We took a little subway to get there.

A transfer station on the way. In Tokyo, there is a place where you go above ground for a moment though it is a subway, isn’t it?

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The museum is located on the north side of Athens, and there are many tourists, but it was a little bit scary because it was located in an unsafe area and it was a little bit walk from the metro station.

There are many sculptures related to Greek mythology, such as the statue of Poseidon and the statue of Aphrodite.

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All of them are of high quality, powerful and beautiful. It is just like Greece where ancient civilization flourished.

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Perhaps it was because I saw them there, but they were more impressive than anything I’ve seen in the British Museum or the Louvre.

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