Ekiado, I thought it would be a « real » spam flyer filter…


To be honest, I don’t even feel annoyed by spam anymore, thanks to Gmail and Google Sensei.

However, when I come home, I find all kinds of unnecessary flyers in the mailbox of my apartment…. I’ve been wondering for many years if it’s possible to somehow filter out real-life spam mail.

However, the other day I noticed something like this.

==駅のSuica私書箱サービス えきあど== http://www.eki-ad.com/top.html

This is located in the underground passageway of the Marunouchi North Exit of Tokyo Station. I knew it existed because I pass by here every morning, but I hadn’t paid much attention to it until now.

How it works is as follows.

Here’s the real thing.

I pass by here every morning anyway, so…

If you decide to pick up your mail here…


But it was sweet…


With rates like this, who wouldn’t use it?