I went to the recital of Ms. Reiko Yano (Vn) and Ms. Ayano Shimada (Pf)!

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Yesterday, I went to Jiyugaoka for an elegant chamber music concert. I went to the recital of Ms. Reiko Yano (Vn.) and Ms. Ayano Shimada (Pf.) who are now living in Paris.

I was informed through an acquaintance of mine that the venue was a small hall in a private home (?!). I was told that the recital would be held at a small hall in a

After meeting at Jiyugaoka station, Mr. Yano’s father led us to the venue in a quiet residential area.

The program includes Beethoven’s Violin Sonata No. 8, Franck’s Violin Sonata, and Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 1.

And that’s all for the program, but the rest of the « etc » was much more substantial than I expected.

I think we played about five pieces, mainly Ravel and Kreisler. The encore was Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise.

Mr. Yano and Mr. Shimada have released their own CDs, which were on sale at the venue.

I bought it as a memorial. I was even able to get his autograph on the spot!

Ryoko Yano and Ayano Shimada 20121103-DSC03085

Ryoko Yano and Ayano Shimada 20121103-DSC03078

It was my first time to listen to Ms. Yano’s violin live. I had heard that she is a legitimate, talented and powerful violinist who has won awards in many competitions.

That’s exactly what it is! This is the type of music that I like very much, as I basically like authentic performances. However, when I actually listened to it live, I realized that it also has subtlety.

The audience left the venue with a sense of excitement, having been able to experience a first-class performance close at hand.

I would like to come and listen to it again next time if there is an opportunity like this.

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