The Wall Street Journal is now available online for a fee! relatedfinance


That’s part of the reason why I started the paid online edition of The Wall Street Journal.


De-English news reading

Of course, I’ve been curious about it for a while, and it’s important for my job to keep abreast of global economic trends.

Even so, the Japanese version has recently been made, and Twitter lists are available for headlines, and related articles are available everywhere in Japanese for detailed news, and translated news is released in a few hours or half a day at most. I was able to get by without having to spend a lot of money and struggle to read English.

However, for the past three years or so, I’ve been living a life completely divorced from TV and newspapers, and basically getting all my information from the Web. However, I’ve come to realize that the only way to understand economic and financial news in detail is to read articles in English.

Naturally, there is also a connection with work. Well, there are some things that I can’t write about here, and recently the company side has become noisy about various things, so I’ll only lightly mention them in this private space.

I was actually worse at Reading.

Yes, when I take TOEIC (which I haven’t done recently), I often think that reading skills are actually a bottleneck.

Japanese people tend to think that they are good at reading and writing (or rather, reading only) because of the influence of exams and so on, but the truth is that although this was the case in the past, nowadays they are more good at speaking and hearing.

I’m sure the trip had a big impact on you.

I can read academic papers in English because I have a background in science, but the English of an economic newspaper is completely different.

Compared to science papers, I think it’s harder to read because many of them are very difficult, as far as phrasing and words are concerned.

So I thought I’d take the opportunity to do some serious training.

Apply immediately, but before that

First of all, it is better to get an account before applying. Of course, you can create an account in the application process without getting one, but I had a confusing experience, so I think it’s better to get one first.

Now to apply.

There are three types of applications as follows.


I decided to sign up for the OPTION 2 course, which doesn’t require the Print so-called paper version and can be viewed on an iPhone or iPad as well as a Mac.

910 yen per month, I think it’s not bad or cheap.

ちなみにもうひとつの検討候補だった「Financial Times」、こちらは「US$6.25 per week」ちょっと高いということもあってやめておきました。そんなにたくさん英語記事を読めないので当面は「The Wall Street Journal」のみでよいでしょう。

But still, 4,000 yen for Nikkei newspaper is too expensive…

Enter the coupon code

After completing the various purchase procedures such as entering your credit card number, the following screen will appear and a coupon code will be issued.

Click here to go to the site of the supported URL and enter this code in the designated field.

Now all you have to do is follow the instructions and the procedure will be completed.

PC version: Full content of the article is automatically displayed when logged on

Now all you have to do is actually go to the site and read the news. But don’t forget to log in with the ID you created earlier.

This is what it looked like before I bought the paid version, but

If you have completed the purchase process and are logged in, you will automatically be able to view the full article.

Active use of My Journal is yet to come

It also has a My Journal, or My Bookmarks, feature that I haven’t come up with a good use for.

You may be able to do this by getting an account without having to pay for the paid version. In any case, I’d like to think of a good way to use it.

iPhone version

I’m actually quite excited about the iPhone version. After all, it’s best to be able to watch it easily anywhere, isn’t it?

You can see all the content here too if you log in. It is quite easy to see.

Posting to email, twitter, and facebook is of course possible.

iPhone Safari Case

こちらも結構大事な要素。なぜならWSJのRSSフィードを「Google Reader」に登録しているからです。

Of course, you can see all the contents on your iPhone Safari if you keep it logged in. However, the site seems to be a little heavy. This is something I’d like to see improved.

So, this is the paid version that I started this month. It still takes me a long time to read it, but I’ll try my best to get used to it little by little so that I can read it quickly and write reviews in my own words.