Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium -2011 France

2011 FranceF1

Spa 20110502-IMG_0717

Spa 20110502-IMG_0760

Date of visit: May 2, 2011, around 9:00 a.m.

Now the day to return the car to Paris has come. 16 days have passed since we rented the car on April 17. It was a beautiful day in Luxembourg. It was a beautiful day in Luxembourg, and it had been a beautiful day in Western Europe.

Enter Belgium first.

Clerveaux for the previous night. It is located almost north of Luxembourg, but not far from the Belgian border. So I went there anyway.

Lux-belguim 20110502-IMG_0565

Lux-belguim 20110502-IMG_0566

Well, it’s the same old empty border…. I’ve been to Belgium several times, but this is my first time to enter Belgium by car.

Traffic rule guide.

Lux-belguim 20110502-IMG_0568

Hmm, the font is not so cool.

Now that I’ve crossed the border, I’ll have to remember to change the carrier I’m connecting to.

The goal is to go to that famous course.

Why Belgium when we have to be back in Paris by the end of the day? Because « Spa Francorchamps » is nearby!

Spa Francorchamps, the venue for the F1 Belgian Grand Prix, is located north of Luxembourg, less than half an hour from its border.

Moreover, it takes 5 hours from this spa to Paris by car. I thought I could take a glimpse of the course if I left Beaujolais early in the morning, so I decided to go to this famous course.


I was able to get on the Belgian side of the highway without any hesitation at all. And finally we are getting closer. We should get off here, right?

Spa 20110502-DSC01385

It takes about 5 minutes to reach the course after getting off the highway.

Spa 20110502-IMG_0569

Apparently, there’s a car driving around with a blaring sound… Is there some kind of event going on?

You put me on the course without my permission!

Anyway, there were a lot of parking spaces beside the course, so I parked properly and approached the course. The entrance was open….

Then I went into the auditorium. Gosh, this is that « Eau Rouge »! Impressive?

Spa 20110502-IMG_0598

I never thought it would be this easy to get into the circuit of my dreams… And for free.

Spa 20110502-IMG_0609

What a way to get to the pit lane!

I don’t know what it is, but it looks like you can go further and further inside, so I went there. I crossed the underpass under the track and here I am, in Pit Lane!

Spa 20110502-IMG_0641

Thank you very much, it seemed to be holding an event. It’s an event where car owners bring their own race-spec or circuit-spec cars to run.

Spa 20110502-IMG_0668

Obviously, I’m the only Japanese or oriental person here, but they really don’t say anything…. If that’s the case, why don’t I stay here until I get angry? I’ll take a lot of pictures.

Spa 20110502-IMG_0663

Spa 20110502-IMG_0687

Spa 20110502-IMG_0679

We were also able to take pictures of the run up to the Eau Rouge at close range as you can see.

Spa 20110502-IMG_0728

Is this a podium by any chance?

Spa 20110502-IMG_0726

I tried to get closer. It was surprisingly small…

Spa 20110502-IMG_0714

While I was taking pictures here and there, a car with a difficult problem ran through the straight line in front of me with an explosive sound.

Spa 20110502-IMG_0692

Luxury cars all over the place!

I was very happy just to be able to visit one of the most famous F1 tracks, but perhaps the most exciting thing was that I was able to see so many luxury cars.

The GT-R.

Spa 20110502-IMG_0632


Spa 20110502-IMG_0637


Spa 20110502-IMG_0638

Um, what’s this?

Spa 20110502-IMG_0700

And after all, the most common was Ferrari.

Spa 20110502-IMG_0643

Spa 20110502-IMG_0658

Spa 20110502-IMG_0746

Apparently, this is for sale. There was a piece of paper that says « If you are interested, please call here ». It’s hard to understand, but the paper on the lower right of the windshield in the picture below is it.

Spa 20110502-IMG_0754

By the way, the interior is really cool too.

Spa 20110502-IMG_0757

Spa 20110502-IMG_0760

I was planning to just take a quick look at the circuit and go home, but before I knew it, I had spent over an hour there taking pictures.

I don’t think it’s possible to visit this track that F1 fans adore so much. I can only say that I’m really lucky.

So I felt like I was given an unexpected gift on the last day of my European drive. It will definitely be a memory that I will never forget.