Ségur-le-Château – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2011 No.21 -★★★★☆

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Se?gur-le-Cha?teau 20110424-IMG_6868

Date of visit: April 23, 2011

The last village of the day is « Ségur-le-Château » in the Limousin region. It is a beautiful village located about 50km south of Limoges. However, it is not an easy place to visit because there is no big national road and you have to go through some winding roads.

Se?gur-le-Cha?teau 20110424-IMG_6890

By the way, on the way here, I booked a hotel in Limoges on Booking.com while refueling.

It was about 5pm in the evening and you could easily make a reservation for the day.

We were impressed by the beauty of Ségur-le-Château right after we arrived. The weather was a little unstable, but I felt it created a good atmosphere.

This is the view from the side of the parking lot.

Se?gur-le-Cha?teau 20110424-IMG_6877

Se?gur-le-Cha?teau 20110424-IMG_6858

To get to the parking lot, you have to cross a small bridge over the river. I parked my car on the sandbar between the river.

Se?gur-le-Cha?teau 20110424-IMG_6866

I crossed the bridge again, this time on foot, and took a walk around the village for about 20 minutes. It’s a small village, so even if you go around slowly, it takes about this long.

Se?gur-le-Cha?teau 20110424-IMG_6879

Se?gur-le-Cha?teau 20110424-IMG_6884

Come to think of it, was this your first time in a beautiful village in the Limousin region? Compared with Dordogne, it seems to be a little more relaxed. Dordogne is also a very nice area with a lot of flavors, but it seems a bit rustic.

Se?gur-le-Cha?teau 20110424-IMG_6896

The location of the village is also excellent. In general, I think that the places that are selected as beautiful villages are also blessed with this kind of geography (in the sense of scenery).

Se?gur-le-Cha?teau 20110424-IMG_6904

Now, I’m going to drive one more time to Limoges, where I just made a reservation.