Saint-Malo – 2011 France

2011 France

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5164

Date of visit: April 19, 2011, around 5:00 p.m.

I’ve been so busy that my travelogue has been delayed. Yes, I still have a lot to tell. This time, I’d like to share with you something other than the beautiful village.

From this day, we entered Brittany. We came to Saint-Malo, a big town in the east of Brittany. I hadn’t decided whether to go there or not, but when I dropped by there, I found it was a very beautiful town, so I decided to stay there.

Saint-Malo 20110419-IMG_4994

There are many people and cars in the tourist area. Somehow I managed to find an underground parking lot and parked there. It’s nothing to do with the red DS3… (It’s cool!)

St. Malo is a walled city. We checked into the hotel we found shortly after entering the city without reservation. We started sightseeing immediately. After all, it’s a climb up the city wall.

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5027

A lot of cars and a lot of boats. It is lively and gorgeous. It’s nice.

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5041

According to Wikipedia, St. Malo was famous as « the stronghold of ferocious pirates » in the Middle Ages. It’s such a splendid old town that you might think it’s a World Heritage Site, but it’s not like that.

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5054

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5056

It wasn’t written, but maybe it was destroyed in the World War II, or there is such a past…. ← This is unconfirmed information.

Even so, the view that is now spreading out in front of me is nothing short of amazing.

I came to the opposite side of the ocean from where I parked my car.

It’s a really nice day.

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5102

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5104

It seems that I can go to the other side, so I decided to go there.

I guess this just means that you should be careful of the tide. It looks like it’s still okay, so I’m not going to worry about it.

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5126

I went down to the sandy beach. I am slightly concerned because shoes are not waterproof a little too much.

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5139

We have come to this area. You can see the whole city.

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5164

There is a fort here further on, but apparently the tide was about to come in, so we decided to hurry back.

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5180

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5196

Then we came back to the city wall. It took us only 10 minutes, but as you can see, the path we had just taken was disappearing in the tide. It was so close…

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5213

You will be out of sight in no time.

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5229

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5236

It takes a little over two hours to go around the city walls. The photo below is the city hall, and the hotel I’m staying at is in front of it.

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5252

After this, we had a meal and went to bed early. The next day we checked out at 7 am and left.

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5259