Buy Pocket WiFi (GP02) Maximum downlink speed is 42Mbps, it might be more comfortable than WiMAX!


It’s been almost two years since the first Pocket WiFi was released. Mobile WIFi routers, which were groundbreaking at the time, have now become commonplace.

ということで僕が購入したのは2年前の12月のこと。まもなく2年を迎えるということで若干期間が残っていますが多少解約料とられてもいいと思って機種変更を兼ねて先月7月28日に発売になった「下り最大42Mbps」のPocket WiFi GP02を購入しました。

Of course it’s not always 42Mbps, but I’m sure it’s several times faster than conventional Pocket WiFi.

I used it as soon as I could after I bought it, and I found it more comfortable than WiMAX, minus the fact that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed! It’s wonderful, isn’t it? The place where I tried it is near Yodobashi in Akiba.

Pocket WiFi GP02 20110809-DSC01925


If it’s this comfortable, I bet I might use it a lot more than WiMAX. It depends on how long the battery lasts, but I have lots of eneloop-like things so I don’t have to worry about it too much.

By the way, I actually made a « new contract » instead of a « model change ». The reason is that it is cheaper there. The existing contract is 1 year and 9 months at the moment, but I’ll take this one.



If that is the case, I decided to sign a new contract because it is cheaper to sign a new contract than to cancel and pay a penalty of 5,600 yen (1 year and 9 months of use).

But, I couldn’t find the plan that will be 0 yen after December on EMOBILE’s website…. I’m sure I’m not being cheated, but I’ll have to check it out later.

Oh, yeah, I don’t know, but I also got a free phone.

keitai 20110809-DSC01926

とりあえずタダだからいっかってもらったのですが、、スッゲー使えいないです(笑) 使いこなせないのほうが正しいかな?ゴミが増えたなこりゃ…。