We performed at the 1st Regular Concert of Orchestra Valse!

05. Music

The cover of the member`s own sheet music is amazing!

At the launch. Yuyu’s Blitz Live! Performing her hit songs live!

Now, it has been a little while, but Orchestra Valse, I have performed.

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To be honest, it was quite a hard schedule. Since I was traveling all through May, I hadn’t played violin very well, so after I came back to Japan on the 20th, I practiced almost every day for a few hours in the midst of jet lag, and somehow I was able to get ready for the performance.

I’ve already talked about the beauty of the music and the performance in various diaries and twitter feeds.

In any case, I was very happy to be able to participate in such a wonderful event. It was a wonderful experience to be able to experience the splendor of Joe Hisaishi’s music anew.

Yukko, who was in charge of organizing the event, Mr. Shimura, who was the music director, and Ruth, who was in charge of arranging the music, are all very talented people who created such a wonderful event in such a short time.

I’ve been working with them for many years and they’ve been a great help to me. I was worried about a lot of things, but when these strongest members get together, anything is possible.

It was a concert that made me feel that way again.

The operator and commissary said…


I think it was a great success. I also think that the fact that the members who gathered were all people who were used to this kind of project was a factor in the success of the event.

Now, is there another one?

P.S 打ち上げ終了後は疲れが一気にきて起きて帰るのがやっと。翌日は疲れが全くとれなかったので会社を休んでしまいました。