Oingt – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2011 No.38 -★★★★★

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Oingt 20110428-IMG_9302

Date of visit: April 28, 20110

As I recall, I arrived in France on April 16, so it’s been 12 days since then. It’s been a very long trip this time.

I stayed in Lyon for the night before and did a little sightseeing in Lyon in the morning, but it was surprisingly disappointing and the weather was cloudy and cold.

I heard it read « one ». It’s difficult…

On the way to the village, we took the wrong road. Moreover, this village is so small that it is hard to find even on a map…. It was very difficult to find it.

We somehow arrive at the village. Park your car in the parking lot at the entrance. Right in front of a building like this.

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9270

This seems to be a wine curve. By the way, there were a lot of wine fields on the way here.

But have you guys noticed that already? Actually, around here, yes.

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9389

It’s the famous « Beaujolais district »! I didn’t notice it at all until I arrived here. Well, to be precise, I couldn’t read the spelling of « beaujolais » very well ^^.

I saw the signboard above that said « Beaujolais Wine Road » many times on the way to this place, but I didn’t realize that it was Beaujolais area at that time.

I hadn’t noticed it yet even when I was taking this picture. If you look closely, you’ll see it’s upside down, but it says « Beaujolais » on it.

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9271

Now, this village is located in the Beaujolais region. The first impression is the color of the stone wall. The bright orange is very characteristic, isn’t it?

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9280

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9297

In fact, all the houses with stone walls of this color on the way to this place were this color. It must be the unique color of the stone in the area. I think it also makes the village look more beautiful.

Among the colorful stone-walled villages of the Beaujolais region, Oingt is the most beautiful. The houses and streets are very well kept, and you can see that they are putting a lot of effort into tourism. It’s very comfortable to walk around.

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9314

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9317

Wan is located in the Beaujolais region with its rolling hills and sits on a hill higher than the other villages.

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9323

And the church. Isn’t it very nice with a kind of pop feeling?

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9334

This is a shot from the entrance of the church.

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9350

It was a very small village, but the houses with impressive stone walls, the well-kept alleyways and the whole atmosphere of the village. Above all, a beautiful village in the Beaujolais region. I can’t say enough about it. But unfortunately, the wine caves were not open…

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9376

As boring as Lyon was, I really felt soothed by the beauty of this village.

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9380

Oingt 20110428-IMG_9384

Next, we’ll head to a beautiful village in the northeast of Lyon.