Montreal – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2011 No.15

2011 FranceThe most beautiful villages of France

Montreal 20110422-IMG_6335

Date of visit: April 22, 2011, around midnight

(data) item



comprehensive evaluation

Overall Rating.


ease of going

The easier it is to get to and find, the higher the rating.


A lot of things to see

The more there is to see and do, the higher the rating.


Ease of parking

Easy to find, easy to park, spacious, etc.


restaurant (esp. Western-style)

Availability and number of restaurants, etc.


merchant’s home (esp. used by apprentices, etc.)

Availability and number of shops (souvenirs, food and drink), etc.



Availability and number of hotels, ease of accommodation, etc.


この直前に訪れたFourcès (フルセ)からは6kmという距離ですのであっという間に到着しました。

It’s good that we arrived early, but there seems to be little to see…. The central square is also a bit half-hearted.

Montreal 20110422-IMG_6328

Montreal 20110422-IMG_6331

There is what looks like an old church, but the village as a whole didn’t feel like a tourist attraction.

Montreal 20110422-IMG_6347

Montreal 20110422-IMG_6340

Well, it is also a learning experience to know that there is a difference in temperature in each village. You can’t tell unless you go there in person. I took it positively and headed for the next village. The next village is also very close.