Mont Ventoux – 2011 France – Autumn

2011 France fall

Mont Ventoux 20111012-IMG_3078

Date of visit: October 12, 2011: around 11:00 a.m.

I wonder if I’ll be able to finish my autumn trip to France by the end of this year…


You can see the satellite photo.

This mountain is known as the stage for the Tour de France’s mountain stages and has been the subject of many legends. I recently started cycling, and that’s how I learned about this mountain.

We had some time and my parents seemed fine, so we decided to go up there.

Because of the bicycle race, the road was very well maintained. Therefore, it was very easy to drive for the slope.

Well, even so, it’s a huge slope around here. Really. Even so, a lot of people were climbing up by bicycle. It was amazing.

This TV tower is the trademark of this mountain. At this height, the scenery is desolate with bare limestone rocks.

Mont Ventoux 20111012-IMG_3056-Edit

Mont Ventoux 20111012-IMG_3125

So I was able to reach the top from the town at the foot in about 30 minutes because the road was very good. The altitude is 1,912 meters.

Mont Ventoux 20111012-IMG_3084

This mountain is neither in the Alps nor in the Pyrenees, but is an independent peak standing in the west of the Luberon Mountains.

Mont Ventoux 20111012-IMG_3095

Mont Ventoux 20111012-IMG_3128

Not to mention the clear skies as you can see!

On the way back, I took a picture of the « Tom Simpson Monument » that I had missed and went down the mountain.

Mont Ventoux 20111012-IMG_3136-Edit

We had a short stay but enjoyed the wonderful view of Provence.

それにしてもここを自転車で登るなんてクレイジーです!(笑) やってみたい気持ちもありますけどね。