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2011 France

Mont Saint-Michel 20110419-IMG_4728

Date of visit: April 19, 2011, around 11:00 a.m.

This trip is a tour of « the most beautiful villages in France », but it’s not limited to just that. It’s true that we mainly visited beautiful villages, but we also visited tourist attractions in some places. I would like to introduce them to you as well.

Today, I’d like to introduce Mont Saint-Michel, which is so famous that I don’t think I need to explain. It is so famous. « It’s so famous that I don’t think I need to explain.

Google Latitude is kind of interesting…



The road to Mont Saint-Michel was very smooth, but there was a big traffic jam just before Mont Saint-Michel and it took a long time from there. Well, we were not in a hurry, so we were very happy to see Mont Saint-Michel from a distance.

Mont Saint-Michel 20110419-DSC00636

This is actually my second time to visit Mont Saint-Michel. The last time was in 2006, when I took my first European drive to visit the ancient castles of the Loire. We had a lot of time, so we came here at once from around Le Mans.

うわあ、懐かしい!当時の日記:【2006年 欧州旅行記】 -No.12 ? 8日目(5月4日)

Well, I decided to go sightseeing quickly because it was the second time. But I had the impression that there were more people than before.

Mont Saint-Michel 20110419-IMG_4747

When I went there for the first time, I wasn’t used to seeing so many stone villages in France, so I remember I was very impressed.

I thought it would be a bit disappointing to see so many souvenir shops, but Mont Saint-Michel is still interesting!

But still, it’s a beautiful day, so I’m buying it.

By the way, it is a parking lot, but I was guided to a place very close to the entrance to be lucky.

Mont Saint-Michel 20110419-IMG_4768

I was able to park in the area on the bottom left of the photo.

Now of course we headed to the monastery at the top. It was a pity that there were so many tourists overwhelmingly compared to before that we couldn’t appreciate it slowly.

Mont Saint-Michel 20110419-IMG_4805

Just a month ago, there was a great earthquake in Japan, and there was a leaflet like this on the wall.

Mont Saint-Michel 20110419-IMG_4774

The monastery here is very fine, isn’t it?

I wonder if we were there for an hour. When we came back to the parking lot, there were more cars.

Mont Saint-Michel 20110419-IMG_4833