Monflanquin – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2013 No.18 -★★☆☆☆

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Monflanquin 20130512-_MG_9439

Monflanquin 20130512-_MG_9409

Date of visit: May 12, 2013, around 4:00 p.m.

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated this series, but the tour of beautiful villages continues.

May 12, Monflanquin, the fifth location, is half an hour or so from Montpasieu. Belves, Monpazier and Monflanquin are very close to each other.

And as I mentioned the other day, this village is also one of the bastides.


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According to this book, the city’s history is first confirmed in the 12th century and, like all bastides, it came to England in the 13th century.

Now we arrive in town. We had a hard time finding a parking space, but we found an open space behind the church near the top of the village on the hill.

Monflanquin 20130512-_MG_9463

We parked our car there and started sightseeing.

But there was a big square in front of the church, so we could have been here (laughs).

Monflanquin 20130512-_MG_9387

So we decided to go inside the church that was right in front of us first. The outside is a nice design that gives a sense of historical style. Scale is quite large.

Inside, the Gothic type is rare for a beautiful village.

Monflanquin 20130512-_MG_9395

Afterwards, we strolled around the central square of the village, which is almost adjacent to this church.

Monflanquin 20130512-_MG_9420

Monflanquin 20130512-_MG_9408

It was beautiful, but it was hard to take pictures because there were so many people parking on the street.

Monflanquin 20130512-_MG_9409

Monflanquin 20130512-_MG_9397

Monflanquin 20130512-_MG_9461

It may have been a bit of a frustrating visit.

Finally, take in the surrounding scenery from this small hill, then get back in the car and head to the next village.

Monflanquin 20130512-_MG_9464

There’s still time for dusk, so I’ll be there.