Marseille No.5 To the sea – 2011 France Autumn

2011 France fall

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4221

Date of visit: October 14, 2011, around 12:00 p.m.

This is the last of the Marseille diaries.

We decided to take a cruise ship to see Marseille from offshore.

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4170

Although it is in Provence, it is October, so it is cold there. Especially because it’s at sea. You need a jacket.

Let’s get out of the Old Port!

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4174

This is the view of Notre Dame de la Garde from the sea.

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4319

I could go down to the island where there is the castle of If, which became the stage of the Count of Monte Cristo, but I decided only to see it from the sea again for the convenience of time.

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4304

It is a sightseeing of about one hour. I like the sea after all.

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4344

Marseille 20111014-IMG_4393