Le Bec-Hellouin – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2011 No.4

2011 FranceThe most beautiful villages of France

Le Bec Hellouin 20110418-IMG_4251

Date of visit: April 18, 2011, around 11:00 a.m.

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comprehensive evaluation

Overall Rating.


ease of going

The easier it is to get to and find, the higher the rating.


A lot of things to see

The more there is to see and do, the higher the rating.


Ease of parking

Easy to find, easy to park, spacious, etc.


restaurant (esp. Western-style)

Availability and number of restaurants, etc.


merchant’s home (esp. used by apprentices, etc.)

Availability and number of shops (souvenirs, food and drink), etc.



Availability and number of hotels, ease of accommodation, etc.


This is the second beautiful village in 18 days. The place is around here. It was about one hour from Rouen.

We took this photo at the entrance of the village.

Le Bec Hellouin 20110418-IMG_4196

After that, I parked my car at the side of the church in the center of the village and started sightseeing. The compact car in the left side of the church is my car. Basically, many parking lots in the village are free. Of course, there is a parking meter.

Le Bec Hellouin 20110418-IMG_4234

Now, I think the feature of this village is this monastery.

Le Bec Hellouin 20110418-IMG_4212

Le Bec Hellouin 20110418-IMG_4210

As we approached the village, we could see this tower from a distance. It is a very splendid tower, so I was driving the car with a sense of expectation.

Le Bec Hellouin 20110418-IMG_4207

The atmosphere of the village is also very nice. I thought it was a typical Normandy village. Don’t you imagine it like this?

Le Bec Hellouin 20110418-IMG_4242

There seems to be a good selection of hotels and restaurants. Traffic is not good at all, but I think the village is well worth staying.

Le Bec Hellouin 20110418-IMG_4264

Now, we are much further into the Normandy region, but before we go to this next village, we are stopping at a place called « Cheese Road ». If you drive, it is very close to this village. Well, I think I’ll have another chance to do this, so I’ll tell you about it then. (To be continued)

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