Lavardin – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2011 No.29 -★★★★☆

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Date of visit: April 25, 2011, around 2:00 p.m.

The 29th beautiful village of this trip, and the 59th village in total, is Lavardin. It is a beautiful village with the ruins of a medieval castle. Like the previous two, it is in the Loire region.

Departing from Montsoreau, we went to Tours once and passed through Tours on the way to the highway. It was just lunch time around here, so we took a lunch break at a service area. I got off the highway before Blois and drove northward for 30 minutes.

Lavardin 20110425-IMG_7596

It’s a very nice village, but it’s hard to get there ^^^.

At any rate, I parked on the road in what seemed to be the center of the village and started walking. Surprisingly narrow…

Apparently, this village was built around the 11th century with the ruins of the castle as its symbol. Even though it is difficult to get to, the village itself is well maintained and looks beautiful.

Lavardin 20110425-IMG_7605-Edit

Lavardin 20110425-IMG_7618-Edit

And the church is also very fine. This photo was taken from the way to the castle ruins.

Although it is in the Loire region, it has a different atmosphere from the so-called Loire River, Blois and Chambord, perhaps because it is a bit far from them.

Lavardin 20110425-IMG_7653

The castle has a dignity even though it is a ruin. I think that the castle is maintained as a ruin in a good way, and the other parts are well maintained. I saw a few groups of tourists, though not many.

Oh, and this map that was in the central square is fantastic! Thanks to it, I found out where the toilets were (laughs)