Larressingle – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2011 No.16

2011 FranceThe most beautiful villages of France

Larressingle 20110422-IMG_6391

Date of visit: April 22, 2011, around 1:00 p.m.

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comprehensive evaluation

Overall Rating.


ease of going

The easier it is to get to and find, the higher the rating.


A lot of things to see

The more there is to see and do, the higher the rating.


Ease of parking

Easy to find, easy to park, spacious, etc.


restaurant (esp. Western-style)

Availability and number of restaurants, etc.


merchant’s home (esp. used by apprentices, etc.)

Availability and number of shops (souvenirs, food and drink), etc.



Availability and number of hotels, ease of accommodation, etc.


Now, to review the location on the map again, the third village of the day is also very close to Furse, where we arrived around 11am, and Monreal, where we arrived around 12pm.

It’s big enough and far enough that you can visit it in just a couple of hours.

Larressingle, the third and smallest village of the day, was really small and amazing! The walled village is probably only a little over 100 meters in diameter.

This village is a little off the county road, but it’s actually so small that I didn’t even notice I was passing by.

I was able to park in the parking lot just outside the village. Surprisingly, there are many cars parked there.

Larressingle 20110422-IMG_6348

This is the entrance to the village.

Larressingle 20110422-IMG_6355

We will go through the castle gate as soon as possible.

Larressingle 20110422-IMG_6361

It’s really like a medieval village like a model. I apologize for the cliché expression, but it really is the world of Dracula itself. The scale of the village makes the Dracula world feel more real.

What was very impressive in this village was the various nameplates.

Larressingle 20110422-IMG_6360

Larressingle 20110422-IMG_6367

How can you write such a nice alphabet font?

There were a few cars parked at the entrance, but I was the only one walking around. I wonder where everyone went. There is something that looks like a restaurant, but it’s not popular.

Larressingle 20110422-IMG_6375

Larressingle 20110422-IMG_6364

An alley, but there is only one alley, right? There are only a few houses in this village.

Larressingle 20110422-IMG_6397

There is a church right in the middle of the wall surrounded by a circle. It was very mysterious. I think the church in the beautiful village is very simple, so it feels especially mysterious.

Larressingle 20110422-IMG_6406

Larressingle 20110422-IMG_6417

The last beautiful village of the day was really quiet, rustic and mysterious.

After this, we had a hard time deciding our schedule and ended up going further south to Basque Country. We decided to stay in Bayonne overnight. I didn’t expect to enter Basque Country. (Continue to the next day)